Welcome to my Work page. If you aren't a potential employer, warning: you may become drowsy. Here you can find out what I do, where I have done it and a bit more depth on certain projects and partners if desired.
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What I Do

What I Do

I am a work-from-home Internet professional whose focus is Web Development and Project Management. From front-end developer and project manager to competitive intelligence and business owner. I've handled projects ranging from four figures to seven both as developer and manager while working with the latest technology. Other efforts involved comprehensive maintenance accounts, helping businesses squeeze the most life out of their legacy systems or assisting them with necessary upgrades.

Here's a quick look at some ares of experience.

Front End Development

HTML has come a long way since I first learned via Notepad using a dial-up modem. HTML5 & CSS3 are dramatically more powerful tools especially when augmented with JS.

Project Management

Understanding the motivations of each party and managing expectations accordingly usually leads to a satisfying resolution for any project or maintenance contract.

Competitive Intelligence

Tracked, logged and reported on pricing & promotions for Qwest competitors using a variety of tools, such as Telogical Systems and Competitrack, now owned by Numerator.

Legacy Systems Maintenance

Enterprise level businesses are especially prone to being saddled with aging apps & systems. Maintenance becomes a balance between life extension vs rebuilding in newer techs.

Photoshop Utilitarian

Well-practiced Photoshop slice-and-dicer who will translate your design to the Web and commit edits where required. An eye for layout & whitespace as opposed to color palettes & fonts.

Wiki Maintenance

Maintaining the team Wiki site spawns nightmares for many but documentation is everyone's friend if it houses current, pertinent information that saves time (money).

Employee to Owner

I've owned small businesses, been a voting shareholder in others, an employee, a contractor and a vendor. Having experience at every level adds relevant perspective and context.

Real Estate Industry

I've helped maintain many high-end Real Estate Web sites from various areas around the USA. Many sites were coupled to National MLS systems such as FlexMLS or IDX Broker.

Telecom Industry

Twenty years of experience supporting various business groups within US West, Qwest and CenturyLink formed extensive knowledge of Telecoms and large businesses in general.

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[Extended version]

Welcome to the extended version of my online resume. You will find the normal versions available for download in the sidebar to the right.

I am a work-from-home (WFH) Manager/Developer of Web/Internet projects who is always open to hearing about opportunities to assist your organization as a contractor/vendor, or as an employee, should the situation be appropriate and amenable to both sides.

Work Experience

2002 - Present
Self-employed: Project Manager, Developer, Client Relations, +
Working from my home office using the mediums of today enables me to manage or develop projects without concern for location or commute. I've found teamwork & communication revolves around effort more than proximity. Since 2002, I've managed and developed Web projects, maintained legacy systems, secured competitive research and assisted various businesses with their Web presence.

A selection of Projects/Contracts follow, including partner agency if applicable:

  • 2019 - today | Developer, Marketing, QC
    UpTop Corporation

    > Implementating an extensive corporate site initiative to better represent available services. Working to insitute standards of consistency. Various email marketing duties via Drip & Pipedrive.

  • 2015 - 07.2018 | Developer, Manager
    CenturyLink Wholesale via UpTop

    > Co-managed the seven figure maintenance account responsible for a slew of legacy apps for the Wholesale division of CenturyLink. Developed and maintained the team Wiki. Learn More

  • 01.2018- 06.2018 | Manager
    VMAP Rehosting Project via UpTop

    > Managed an internal CenturyLink Wholesale project updating 18 legacy Cold Fusion applications to Lucee while upgrading & rehosting the servers and databases, among other app-specific tweaks.

  • 2014 - 2015 | Developer
    Mattress Firm via Peak Systems

    > Built a series of templates to exacting specifics for various sections of the MattressFirm corporate Web site and several tangential, ancillary sites. One was responsive.

  • 2013 - 2019 | Developer, Manager
    Luxury Real Estate via UpTop

    > Helped maintain an assortment of high-end real estate sites via static HTML & WordPress. Performed requisite client contact. Familiar with most national MLS/IDX systems. Learn More

  • 2007 | Developer
    Plastic Sales & Service via Andrews-Hobbs Design

    > Worked at the direction of Designer to refresh the corporate Web site; then to implement a national order form for Red Robin employee badges.

  • 2007 | Developer
    Twelve Trees Business Park

    > Worked with the client's existing branding material to create an easy-to-navigate Corporate Web site outlining their basic services and provide valuable, customer-centric information.

  • 2005 | Developer

    > Assisted the owner/artist by creating an E-commerce site to their specs. They needed a place to host and sell their vintage sound libraries via sound kits, among other merchandise.

  • 2004 - 2008 | Developer
    Warren Miller via Peak Systems

    > Created templates for several Warren Miller film Web sites such as, Children of Winter, Impact and Playground, and helped craft a coupon redemption site for movie goers. Learn More

  • 2004 | Designer, Developer
    Elegant Valet & Transportation

    > Worked with the business owner to redesign his existing Web site to better meet the needs of his growing enterprise.

  • 2003 - 2010 | Researcher, Manager
    Qwest Ads & Promotions via Peak Systems

    > Compiled competitor pricing & promotion info for an internal Qwest marketing group. Kept a DB-driven intranet Web site current. Managed one employee. Learn More

  • 2002 | Developer, Manager
    Casey McGahan's Design Garage

    > Created the specific Web site from the Photoshop design files the business owner/designer supplied in order to enact the redesign of his portfolio and resume Web site.

2000 - 2002
Peak Systems, Inc: Co-Owner, Developer, Manager, Senior Manager
Senior Project Manager for the Web development team assigned to Qwest Communications, specifically the corporate Web site. The team built, maintained and improved high-profile Web properties for client, serving hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. Worked closely with multiple clients across multiple business groups to implement key Internet initiatives. Duties included staffing, personnel and resource management, proposal writing, quality control, client relations and billing. Accustomed to producing a quality product under high stress, and on tight timelines. Learn More

  • 2000 - 2002 | Senior Manager
    Qwest Communications

    > Managed a team of developers who collectively maintained the US West, then Qwest corporate Web site. Multiple clients/markets were assisted with their maintenance and various initiative & project needs.

  • 2002 | Developer
    2002 Salt Lake City Olympics

    > Helped develop the post-event 'Qwest 2002 Games Notes' site which compiled and highlighted impressive statistics from the Olympic Games and allowed users to send E-Notes to email recipients.

  • 2000 | Senior Manager
    US West Corporate Site Redesign

    > Led the team effort to implement a full redesign of the US West corporate Web site covering six months and a seven figure budget. Managed the other managers as well as a team of developers to a succesful conclusion.

U S WEST Creative Services: Developer, Manager
HTML Production & Layout Design/Graphic Production for U S WEST corporate site as well as U S WEST Intranet/Extranet clients. Contributed to fast-paced, time-sensitive web project environment and worked closely with producers, graphic artists and programmers to ensure quality work. Company went private, becoming Peak Systems. Learn More

  • 1999 - 2000 | Manager
    US West Residential

    > Managed the US West Residential account which included maintaining integrity of the Web site while working closely with US West clients to accomplish their various needs specific to the Residential 'silo'.

  • 2000 | Kiosk Software Developer
    Pepsi Center

    > The team was hired to build an external and internal Web site, and the kiosk software for the luxury box ordering system at the stadium. I programmed the front of the ordering system. Learn More

  • 1999 | Developer
    USA Baseball

    > Worked with the designer and project manager as the developer to construct, test and deploy the official USA Baseball Web site. The DHTML menu system was advanced for its time.

11.1998 - 02.1999
Cole & Weber Advertising: Developer
Served as sole Front-End Developer for a redesign of the Nestlé corporate Web site. Production level graphic work and minor programming required. I worked closely with the Art director to allow for seamless transition of screen art. Learn More

09.1998 - 11.1998
Microsoft: Developer, Quality Control
Responsible for editing templates, HTML documents, during the final stage of a release of the web site. Cleaned up HTML and proofed web pages for consistency. Used a proprietary workflow tool. Learn More

1997 - 1999
Chain Reaction Media: Co-Owner, Developer
Designed, built, and implemented Web sites. Performed in a public relations capacity, working closely with clients and vendors to secure and perform business. Responsibilities included running the business, accounting tasks, preparing legal documents such as contracts and disclaimers, and networking with local business owners.

1987 - 1996
Assorted Fishing Companies: Commercial Fisherman
Responsible for working long strenuous hours in a self-starting team environment. Performed various labor-intensive tasks onboard floating fish processors in the Bering Sea, Alaska. Learn More

1984 - 1987
Marine Exchange of Puget Sound: Operations Dispatcher
Worked closely with Seattle shipping companies, US Coast Guard, US Dept. of Agriculture, Tug & Barge outfits, and US Customs and Immigration to coordinate deep draft shipping vessel traffic in and out of the Puget Sound. Operated 100 button call directory, Telex, Fax and UHF/VHF/SSB radio while performing dispatching duties. Learn More


Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Certificate completed 08/08/19

1996 - 1997
North Seattle Community College
Multimedia Technology Program

1985 - 1986
Washington State University
Language & Economics

Bainbridge High School

Work Stories

Short stories/images centered around various clients, employers, partners and projects I've had the privilege to work with/for over the years. What was accomplished. Technologies used. Lessons learned.

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